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Question: Crash after Software update?

Hey Apple Customer Service,

I bought my iPhone7 in September 2016 at Media Markt Berlin. It was a little less than 900€. So just a week ago when I updated my software, it crashed my phone. I was terrified and rushed to the Media Markt where I bought the phone. They send me to Apple Store Berlin since my guarantee expired. Well so off I went first to make an appointment, then the next day to see someone at the Genius bar. Great! so far so good. At the Genius bar it was all friendly until it was clear that the problem was more severe than just a simple reset. The customer support at the Genius bar said i had to go back to the Media Markt to turn the phone in under its 'Gewährleistung'. I couldnt understand! Media Markt sends me to Apple Store and Apple Store sends me back to Media Markt. Alright, he showed me a wikipedia entry to explain the 'Gewährleistung' which was still valid for my phone but only at point of purchase. I was reluctant to go back and forth and after googling the topic for myself i quickly discovered that I had to bring a Gutachten to Media Markt to proof that there was something wrong with the phone and that it wasnt due to an external damage. That was quite overwhelming considering the time i still had to put into this issue to get a faulty phone replaced. Customer Service then called the 'Supervisor' as i was by now a 'difficult customer'. Saskia, the supervisor, quickly lectured me on the fact that my phone was 174days over the guarantee so Apple was not liable. I was stunned. She then said that she would try to make it as simple as possible for me to understand the situation. She compared it with a car lease (note that I bought the phone, eh...anyways). She said that 'not the car manufacturer was liable but rather the car dealer who leased the car to me.' She was standing up now and started to raise her voice that she cant do nothing more for me. I was stunned by this very very bad attempt to sort out an unfortunate situation for a customer who paid almost 900€ for a phone to (after a year and 4 month in use) chuck in the bin. Note that the phone crash was caused by a software update. Saskia was so arrogant she asked me to leave whilst she displayed a really intimidating and aggressive body language. She asked her colleague to bring a magnifying glass to show me the dirt and scratches on my phone, indicating that the phone was not new but used. I was confused! What was that? I found that really ridiculous, lets remind ourselves on the cause of the crash - the software update! Then she held her hand to me as if she wanted to shake hands. After this arrogant and intimidating encounter, I dont know what she was expecting from me?! Was I supposed to be grateful that she kicked me out of the store? Am I expecting too much or is this how you treat people?

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Mar 13, 2018 3:41 PM in response to dariaberlin In response to dariaberlin

Everyone here is an iPhone user just like you.

You are not addressing Apple here.

You can call the store and ask for a manager if you so choose, but it sounds like they told you how to handle this. Go to the store where you bought it with proof that it is defective.

Mar 13, 2018 3:41 PM

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Mar 13, 2018 3:46 PM in response to roaminggnome In response to roaminggnome

ok, but I am hearing that these crashes are happening a lot after Software updates. This indicates that it actually is an Apple Problem, which they refuse to deal with properly. Of course it is very profitable for Apple if people simply get a new phone but it is unethical!

Mar 13, 2018 3:46 PM

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Mar 13, 2018 3:49 PM in response to dariaberlin In response to dariaberlin


Not sure what your question is to your fellow iPhone users.

The iPhone has a one year warranty. Like any warranty, that protects against manufacturer defects the period of one year. If it is outside of that time period, then it is not covered. This would be the same of any warranty on any product.

If you still have concerns ask for a manager at that store or contact Apple support.

Mar 13, 2018 3:49 PM

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Question: Crash after Software update?