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Question: "Filter Fail" on a networked Epson 3880 on multiple machines

Here is a weird one!

We have an Epson 3880 here at work that we've used for around 4 years with no problem. Since the release of High Sierra (though not necessarily linked to it as you'll read), mine and several other macs in my department have been getting "Filter Fail"when attempting to print to it. The really odd thing is we'll be printing fine then one Mac will get a Filter Fail and everyone will get the same error when trying to print to the Epson. A restart of the Epson doesn't help. Computer restarts don't help. Many times we'll miraculously be able to print the following morning even though none of us have done a hard restart of our Macs. Here's another odd thing: Multiple Macs, multiple versions of the OS. One of the Macs is a 2014 iMac running Maverics (I believe), I'm running a late 2013 Trashcan Mac Pro running High Sierra, and another Mac is a 2015 Mac Book Pro running Sierra.

And here's the kicker: the PC users on the network can print with no problem. And when they do often times it makes it possible for the Macs to print again without error.

Has anyone else notice a Filter Fail that appeared to be network related?



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Question: "Filter Fail" on a networked Epson 3880 on multiple machines