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Question: how to fix disk partition ?

My Disk is 500 GB, and APFS Physical Storage and AppleAPFSMedia are 300GB, can't run First Aid on both. There was a system(macOS high serria) and a lot data on that 300GB partition, I can't just erase it, How can I rescue my partions ?

details as below:


diskutil corestorage list

No CoreStorage logical volume groups found

fangs-MacBook-Pro:~ mj$ diskutil apfs list

APFS Container (1 found)


+-- Container disk1 BAC68AB4-80FA-4AA7-8C1C-C34C0F1BF0C9


APFS Container Reference: disk1

Capacity Ceiling (Size): 199046803456 B (199.0 GB)

Capacity In Use By Volumes: 18324328448 B (18.3 GB) (9.2% used)

Capacity Available: 180722475008 B (180.7 GB) (90.8% free)


+-< Physical Store disk0s3 6AE45B88-9F35-4DFB-BEC2-E473736B2631

| -----------------------------------------------------------

| APFS Physical Store Disk: disk0s3

| Size: 199046803456 B (199.0 GB)


+-> Volume disk1s1 B1D0409E-9C99-4233-908C-44FA0F15EAB1

| ---------------------------------------------------

| APFS Volume Disk (Role): disk1s1 (No specific role)

| Name: High Serria (Case-insensitive)

| Mount Point: /

| Capacity Consumed: 16054677504 B (16.1 GB)

| FileVault: No


+-> Volume disk1s2 06859841-2E27-42F3-BAAD-4F21ACA73F86

| ---------------------------------------------------

| APFS Volume Disk (Role): disk1s2 (Preboot)

| Name: Preboot (Case-insensitive)

| Mount Point: Not Mounted

| Capacity Consumed: 42061824 B (42.1 MB)

| FileVault: No


+-> Volume disk1s3 77A8D29F-88B6-4852-873E-1ADE63E7D537

| ---------------------------------------------------

| APFS Volume Disk (Role): disk1s3 (Recovery)

| Name: Recovery (Case-insensitive)

| Mount Point: Not Mounted

| Capacity Consumed: 1019736064 B (1.0 GB)

| FileVault: No


+-> Volume disk1s4 9EF09BE6-0EF4-4E74-A078-8E4F037D6E90


APFS Volume Disk (Role): disk1s4 (VM)

Name: VM (Case-insensitive)

Mount Point: /private/var/vm

Capacity Consumed: 1074282496 B (1.1 GB)

FileVault: No


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Thanks !

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Mar 15, 2018 9:33 AM in response to df1228 In response to df1228

As you can see you have a problem with disk2, your 301GB partition. Unfortunately, you have not been able to get First Aid to work on that volume. So little is known about fixing an APFS partition or drive. Only Disk Utility from High Sierra seems to be able to deal with them. You could look through the available commands in the command line tool, diskutil. But from what little I know there is no fix for your problem except to reformat the partition and lose all your data.

Mar 15, 2018 9:33 AM

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Question: how to fix disk partition ?