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Question: My Bluetooth Issue with High Sierra


I know there is several post about Bluetooth issues and High Sierra, but I just wanted mention my issue.

I upgrade to High Sierra on my macbook pro 13” mid-2012 non retina and since I do have some issues with Bluetooth not detecting the magic mouse. And this will happen after I connected to wifi. I am using my iPhone as internet sources via Share network.

This is how it goes ; if I connect to the iPhone via wifi while the bluetooth is turned off, when I will disconnect form wifi and activate the bluetooth, it won’t connect. The macbook will not detect the magic mouse. So I will have to restart. But if connect via wifi and the bluetooth is already turned on with the mouse already detected, it will be fine. When I connect via usb cable, there is no problem. So if I want to avoid bluetooth issue, it need to be turned on before I connect to wifi. I did not try with other wifi network so I don’t know if it as something to do with network sharing with iPhone or not. I already did Pram reset.

Any suggestions will be welcome.

Thank you.

MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Question: My Bluetooth Issue with High Sierra