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Question: cannot sync photos onto iPad from iMac

For those experiencing an issue copying photos from an iMac to an iPad using iTunes.

iMac running High Sierra, and iPad with 11.2 update

Photos fail to upload, and no changes to the picture folder on the iPad.

Here is a workaround - and it may show where the failure is occurring.

I was trying to sync with a folder I labeled iPad, with subfolders arranged by subject. In iTunes, whenever I tried to sync "all folders", it would fail. So I chose "selected folders", selected all the folders, that too failed.

So I did one at a time. By just checking one subfolder, it deleted all the others from the iPad, and replaced it with the one folder. I checked a second folder, (now I have two folders checked) and both folders synched. It wasn't until I got to my last and largest subfolder that it failed part way. All my other folders are there, and only 20% of the last folder synced.

Now I need to determine if it is the size of the folder, or a specific picture that is the culprit, or something else.

But it is now past my bedtime, so...

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Question: cannot sync photos onto iPad from iMac