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Question: "Saving Cellular Data" on wifi?!? iPhone Photo iCloud upload


I have a new iPhone X. Lots of storage available on the phone.

I use iCloud to store photos and sync between my iPhone and Mac. Lots of storage available on the Mac and iCloud.

I have photo uploading set up for wifi or cellular.

My iPhone is connected to wifi.

I'm trying to upload the photos on my iPhone so they're in the iCloud and sync with my Mac.

I'm not in low power mode.

I keep getting this message:

"Upload Paused for ## items" with a "Resume" link

Below that it says "Saving Cellular Data"

[But I'm using wifi not cellular -- makes no sense]

When I click the Resume button I get a message that says "iCloud Photo Library updates are paused to save cellular data. Would you like to resume updates for one hour?"

I click "resume updates"


I am on wifi, and have enabled cellular data, set unlimited updates in the Photo app and have no restrictions on data use set in my iPhone's general settings. I've searched high and low on the net and have tried all the instructions I could find. Still nothing.

Why would cellular data be an issue when I'm on wifi?!?

And when I hit resume why doesn't the uploading continue?

This is aggravating. I have a growing number of photos on my iPhone that aren't in the iCloud.

I'm nowhere near my data limit either.


iPhone X, iOS 11.2.6, 256 G

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Go to settings>cellular and check for Wi-Fi assist. Is that enabled? Try turning it off and test it again.

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Question: "Saving Cellular Data" on wifi?!? iPhone Photo iCloud upload