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Question: Can we actually make a complaint to apple?

I bought a new iphone 8 today in Mac City One Utama (Kuala Lumpur) and I realized there was a dust inside the camera!! I request for a replacement but they denied it and ask me to fix it in service center?! Got a new phone but still have to bring it for service?? And I try to google and see whether anyone facing same thing as me and obviously I was not only the one who has this issue. I found out people in other country with the same issue as me got to get a brand new replacement phone. So ya... why not the case for me? I went to service center they told me it will take 2-3 days for them to clean the camera??? After that I went back to the shop and complain with the staff there... they bring me to the service center again and told me the technician will communicate with me later... after 15 minutes they return me the phone and of course clean the dust for me which they previously claim that it would take 2-3 days to do so?

So I am writing this as I am curious why some people get to replace their phone but I am not allow to do so?

Why they previously claim that they need 2-3 days to clean the dust but after communicate with the staff in Mac City they only need 15 minutes?

And lastly, I did not agree to clean the phone as what I want is to get a replacement but they clean without my consent ?

I am quite upset for this

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Question: Can we actually make a complaint to apple?