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Question: Late 2016 MBP Touchbar wake from deep sleep issue


I have been trawling the internet for this issue, I have been into the Apple store and they could not help. It is doing my head in.

Basically, since upgrading to High Sierra, whenever my macbook pro is plugged in over night and closed, when i open it up in the morning, it struggles to wake up.

What happens is that it turns on the screen and there is a faint image of a battery onscreen and I can see the login screen through it. It does not respond for some 30 seconds. Then it will unlock. It will then sit for a minute going real slow with the faded battery screen on it as seen below.

User uploaded file

Now, every 4th or 5th time it does it, it won't unlock and needs to be forcibly restarted.

Once it does "snap out of it" and the battery screen disappears, it works fine. No sluggishness, no errors nothing.

Checked the log files, checked the hardware at apple store and nothing can be found to be causing it.

It only happens when plugged in over night. Which is most nights due to my usage patterns.

I have tried SMC and VRRAM resets. I have tried using another user account. It still does it! It doesnt do it on my 2009 Macbook Pro but this Toucbar 2016 model it does.

Has anyone seen this and can someone suggest where I look next to diagnose it?

The only apps I really use on it are Adobe CC, Apple Mail, DropBox and Office. I have checked running processes and there are no rogues or zombies or services running that shouldnt.

I am ready to throw it out the window as I know I cannot use it first thing in the morning.

Please help.

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Question: Late 2016 MBP Touchbar wake from deep sleep issue