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Question: iCloud storage issues


I am about to receive a shiny new iPhone and I wanted to use iCloud to backup my current device and then have it sync with my new device when I do a first installation.

Now, I have the free account that has 5GB of free space. Some time ago I purchased a larger account (200GB I think) to upload photos. Then after some time I canceled that account and reverted back to 5 GB.

Meanwhile I also uploaded roughly 35GB worth of photos.

Yesterday I deleted all those photos (downloaded them first to my Mac book pro), and also made sure there are no more orphaned files etc that might take place.

So I ended up with a basically almost clean 5GB free account.

Today I tried to do a backup using the Back up Now button in the iCloud storage menu on my iPhone.

It said I do not have enough space and that I am using roughly 35GB of 5GB (in Manage Storage menu).

When I looked at what is taking up 35GB it said Other Documents. When I tapped on that and went into Other Documents it showed two "Encrypted Folder" rows. When I went into each of them, they both showed "Encrypted File 0KB".

I tried deleting the files and I got an error: "Deletion of an item has failed. Please try again later.".

I then tried deleting the folders themselves and got the same error.

So first of all... what are all those Encrypted Folders and why can't I delete them. Second of all, they have no size. Why does iCloud think I am using 35GB then. Looks like a bug in your system.

Anyway, please assist. I am trying to back up my phone using iCloud and I can't because iCloud thinks I am using 35GB out of 5GB account.


iPhone 5, iOS 10.3.3

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Mar 14, 2018 1:32 PM in response to zinacef In response to zinacef

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately that did not help. I tried signing out and then back in. It still shows 35GB out of 5 GB. The only change that did occur was the encrypted folder/file names. The folders mow contain .localized files which are 0KB in size.

Ill try to contact apple support.

Do you happen to know through which option I can reach them? I honestly thought this question was read by Apple representatives aswell.

Thank you very much for your assistance,


Mar 14, 2018 1:32 PM

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Question: iCloud storage issues