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Question: How do i fix download issues on Itunes

i will try and be brief.......ever since i bought the Iphonex....itunes has been problematic..... my issue is that songs i have purchased through itunes, then download into my phone......they are now DOWNLOADED.....fast forward to a day later.....when im OUT OF WIFI.....i will go back into same album....press a song....and a download cloud with an arrow pointing down will appear.....and a message will come up warning about cellular data and streaming and or downloading"....... i have never had issues playing anything in my library once they are purchased and downloaded via itunes....when i go to play them......they play and dont go against my data.....please advise....ready to get rid of it altogether....****** off because actually pay for the artists rather than streaming services which dont.....

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Mar 14, 2018 11:12 AM in response to Tamretus In response to Tamretus

Do you have either Apple Music or iTunes Match? Either of those would give you the option of iCloud Music Library. If you're not using that then is probably why those options don't appear. Could you have synced the device to iTunes with a set of playlists that didn't include your recent purchases? Otherwise I've no idea otherwise why content you have downloaded to your device would be removed unless you actively chose to remove it. 😕


Mar 14, 2018 11:12 AM

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Question: How do i fix download issues on Itunes