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Question: Technical Problem


I use an iMac with a 3 TB hard drive. There is a file on the disk named DMG Backup Files, which occupied 1TB of disk space. It is named disk5s1.dmg.

I would like to know what this is and can I delete it? The other files on the hard drive only occupy 0.78TB. Is it important to keep this file? It does not seem to want to delete!!!!

Also, on my Users/Shared folder, I have a folder, I have a folder called ”files from”f”, which appear to be only TI Backups from my old PC which I no longer have.

It appears they were migrated when i copied the files from the PC to the iMac originally. They occupy 711 GB which I would like to get back. I have tried trashing them but

it seemed to take forever just to trash one!! I gave up after about 8 hours! Can I trash these files and how can I do it quickly? They don’t seem to want to go!

I also have, under “shared” folder, a folder called “files from “c”, which I presume also came from the C drive on my old PC. In the folder are the following items:



a folder called logs, which contains a file called “koan.8268.log

a folder called “PerfLogs” with a sub directory called “System” which has a subdir called “Diagnostics” with another subdir called 20110823. In this final directory there are 33 .xml files plus a files called NtKernel.etl

a file called Performance Counter.big and a file called rules.log. Are these Mac files or have they also migrated from the PC?

there is also a file called ”updatedatfix.log.

I would like to make more space on my iMac but not sure whether any or all of these files are important. Are they important Mac files or have they come over on migration fro PC?

I realise this is a long question but I would really appreciate an answer. I have tried all other routes to find an answer, Google, UTube etc but to no real avail.

Now desperate


iMac, OS X Yosemite (10.10.5)

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Question: Technical Problem