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Question: Siri iOS11 iPhone has forgotten words & punctuation

I thought it must be me or my switch to a newer iPhone but at a meeting of 30 Mac + iPhone users, some of whom also have iPads, I learned that everyone has noticed this. We are all English speakers.

Siri doesn't recognize words well anymore!

I have been dictating into my Notes app for years. Although not perfect, Siri did a really good job.

  • If I inserted a word, Siri added the proper spacing.
  • When I stopped or Siri stopped, then I continued, Siri added a space after the last word.

No more.

Additionally, Siri writes really stupid, unrelated words when I speak. Words Siri used to get right. And sometimes the words Siri uses are words I would never utter! Words that are simply not nice!

We can't all have missed some kind of "Make Siri understand English" or "Make Siri be smart again" option.

I open to ideas on how to fix this.

And if no one has a solution, I pray Apple reads this, cares, and fixes it.

Note: I am using iOS 11 on iPhone 6 with a LOT of free space, not on the iPhone 5S.

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Question: Siri iOS11 iPhone has forgotten words & punctuation