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Question: Sent in my iPhone 7 for battery replacement, told I had malfunctioning FaceTime camera


Phone sent in for battery replacement. When they received it for repair they told me that my camera was broken and in order for them to honor the battery replacement, I needed to pay $319 to replace the camera first. I never had an issue with the camera prior to sending it in and when I received it back from Apple, after I turned down the service, I tested the camera and found no issues. It worked perfectly fine.

Do I have any options or recourse?


I recently mailed my iPhone 7 in for a battery replacement. It may be worth mentioning that I had contacted apple support 3 separate times expressing concern about the battery performance. My issues were that it required a charge 2-3 times a day to stay alive... if you charged to 100% and powered it completely off, it would be at ~15% battery life 24 hours later when you turned it on... Even with these issues, Apple Support told me my battery was within "normal" range when we ran remote diagnostics. I decided after buying the iPhone X to roll the dice and mail the phone in for repair even though Apple warned me that if there was nothing wrong with the battery, that I may incur a $100 service fee for them to take the time to troubleshoot a non-issue.

Sure enough, I received a notice a week later that in fact the battery was malfunctioning and was eligible for replacement-- phew... what I didn't expect however is that I would be told that my FaceTime camera was also inoperable and that in order to have the battery replaced under the extended service warranty that I would need to pay $319 to have the FaceTime camera replaced as well!!

I have taken thousands of photos on my camera. I have NEVER experienced any issues whatsoever with either the forward facing FaceTime camera or the one on back. The phone was never exposed to water, never dropped or mishandled and was always in a case. It is still in flawless cosmetic condition.

Today I received the phone back in the mail from Apple after I turned down the $319 camera repair. I tested the camera taking all video and photo formats available without any problems. I'm annoyed that I've been put in this vulnerable position. Apple provided no additional support or alternative work arounds for this. The support representative showed empathy for the predicament but offered little to no suggestions as to home we could remedy this.

What do you think I should do next?

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Question: Sent in my iPhone 7 for battery replacement, told I had malfunctioning FaceTime camera