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Question: Iphone 7 and X sounding muffled to callers on other end

I have a sound quality issue that has followed me through 3 iPhones. When I speak to people on the phone, they often complain that I sound garbled, or muffled like I am underwater. The problem is intermittent, sometimes throughout an entire call and sometimes does not happen for a few calls. The issue has been going on for over a year.

1. November 2016 the issue started on iPhone 7. I restarted iPhone and updated to current software and carrier settings after phone call with apple support.

2. Jan 2017 Genius Bar tested the microphone and it passed. I urged them to test it again and it failed. They replaced phone right away. Problem started again almost immediately.

3. Through summer 2017 many more phone calls to Apple were made and different attempts at a resolution: update carrier settings, new SIM card, remove case and screen protectors. The issue does not appear to be related to cellular signal strength.

4. December 2017 I purchased an iPhone x to try and fix the issue. The issue continued.

5. Feb 2018- Genius Bar decides the issue is a software bug. Updated phone to 11.3 beta. I wipe the phone to factory settings. phone seems to work. As soon as I log in to iCloud, it starts back up with the microphone issue even though nothing has been synced with iCloud. I really need to get all of my photos and contacts out of iCloud, and would really like to get my text history as well.

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Question: Iphone 7 and X sounding muffled to callers on other end