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Question: ATV 4gen status lights, but no function

I’ve just picked up an out-of-warranty ATV 4gen 64GB.

Setup went fine, pairing the remote and setting up via my iPhone. It worked fine for a few hours before restarting.

Since then, the status light flashes at a slow rate, before doubling in frequency. I have tried a restart via the remote which causes the status light to flash fast enough to (almost) appear on steady.

I have disconnected it from power for minutes and then later overnight, but this has not helped.

I have tried a different HDMI cable, directly into my TV.

As ATV does not boot, I cannot use any menu options to try to fix the problem.

I have ordered a USB C cable to restore from iTunes, but this will only arrive tomorrow.

Have I missed anything that I could be doing today?

Apple TV, tvOS 11.2.6

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Question: ATV 4gen status lights, but no function