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Question: Problem using handoff with Microsoft Exchange account.

Handoff won't work with my Microsoft Exchange account. If I have mail open on my iPhone (on my main inbox), the handoff icon will show up in the dock on my mac, but the minute I tap on an email message on my phone, the handoff icon disappears on my Mac. This only happens with my Exchange account. If I do the same thing with my iCloud account, handoff works as advertised.

I have tried just about everything. Changing my iCloud password, signing and signing out on my devices. I've changed my Exchange password thinking it needed to get reset. I've rebooted everything about 20 times. I've tried toggling on airplane mode on each device, I've cycled bluetooth and wifi numerous times.

I did have success when I added my exchange email manually by typing in the server information I believe it was outlook.office365.com for the incoming and outgoing server. Handoff works fine if I do that but I no longer get push notifications.

I'm currently running iOS 11.2.6, on my Mac I'm running 10.13.3. I have handoff enabled on all my devices. I'm near my other devices, all have bluetooth enabled and I'm on the same wifi network.

In addition, when I try to handoff an exchange email from my watch to my iPhone I get the error "Failed to continue activity. The connection to your other device may have been interrupted. Please try again." (I don't think this has to do with connection since all other handoff services work including my iCloud email from device to device). I've been having problems handing off between all my apple devices including my Watch, iPhone, and MacBook Pro.

I'd also like to note, that sometimes it does randomly work, so I know it's possible. Usually it will work once after I restart the device or if I delete the account and add it again. I've never really been able to get it to work more than around once though.

I'm out of ideas, any help would be great. Kinda starting to believe that this is a software bug, but I simply cannot find anyone that has the same problem when I search around.

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Question: Problem using handoff with Microsoft Exchange account.