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Question: Incompatability Google Calendar and iCal.

I use a gmail address for my AppleID and am unable to receive calendar invites from another gmail address to my iCloud calendar.

So, my brother uses google calendar, sends an invite to my gmail address, which I use for my AppleID. I can only accept this invite into my google calendar (which I don't use).

And I would like to accept it in my iCal.

Any ideas?

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Mar 17, 2018 10:00 AM in response to 1Roze In response to 1Roze

If a user ( in this I am using this procedure ) open calendar application , right click on home if I click on gmail address ( this is same same web mail address / gmail address of a person in my family ) , And also Apple ID is kept same as gmail address and in system preferences > iCloud the user is signed with Apple ID .

The calendar will be shared because the person is in my home or work place under the same network connection and the data is saved in contacts ie. address book ( including his gmail address and other credentials ) .

And if I click on iCloud address it will not share because my server is stopping to share .

The same procedure applies to the person in my home who try to share the calendar with me .

Same method applies to you and your brother .

And if you are not using gmail account then ? create a gmail account , as iCloud calendar is just an configuration with web mail services ( could be gmail , yahoo or any ) .

To work properly , both user must be signed in with the same procedure and obviously it totally depends upon your internet service provider .

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Mar 17, 2018 10:00 AM

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Question: Incompatability Google Calendar and iCal.