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  • Nick M Level 1 (0 points)
    I can't believe apple has made such a horrible product and has failed to fix it. Two nights ago, my magsafe connector melted and burnt my hand, then quit working. I immediately ordered a new one with overnight shipping, because I have important schoolwork on my MacBook. The total came to $102. So I called Apple today to request a refund and they called it accidentsl damage (a nice phrase for neglect) and refused to do the refund. I directed them to the reviews for theis product where it shows how about 99/100 people have this problem, but this made no difference. I am disappointed and would expect better from Apple.
  • MacCR Level 1 (0 points)
    I experienced the exact same melted cable problem, on both ends.
    The whole problem is attributable to the lack of strain relief + low gauge DC cable.
    The solution for Apple would be to make a version II of the MagSafe Power Adapter with a DETACHABLE (the AC cord solution is very elegant and robust)strain reliefed DC cable. The cable would look like the iPod to USB cable (albeit stronger and longer).
    This could then be a $5,$10 or $15 replacement cable one would buy at the Apple Store in a heartbeat, in case the cable started to look frayed or broken. This would save a lot of grief to a lot of us.
  • carl wolf Level 6 (14,565 points)
    Since the power adapter places one-half of the line voltage onto the computer chassis, the "shocking sensation" is much more noticeable with a higher input AC voltage. In the US, the line voltage is 110, and there's only 55V on the chassis - most people won't feel it. But, double it to 110V (for a 220V input), most people will feel it.
  • Rolf Liland Level 1 (30 points)
    Same problem. Interesting thing is that Apple has not sent out a replacement yet (six days counting), but on Applestore, it was available for same day shipping. Not good customer service, Apple... Don't fall into the arrogance-trap, please. We depend on you to deliver the best products and the best product support if they turn out inferior - but your stockholders depend on our cash and willingness to buy your products. Good customer service is a win-win situation, so make this right, please.
  • Le Bouche Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem twice now. Had to go buy a new charger even though I'm under guarentee because I need to work!! I fixed my second charger with a solder iron but it went again and again. I'm sure I wont get my money back now as I have tried to fix it myself out of desperation. I'm really really gutted I've had so many problems. God knows how much the phone calls to apple support are costing me as well as travelling to the mac store twice. 1st generation mac book pro owners should be issued replacements as they are obviously not decent machines.
  • Rolf Liland Level 1 (30 points)
    Part shipments pending (23-Feb-2007)
    Item description Status Ship Date Est. Due Date Return Orig. Part Carrier Tracking #
    ADAPTER 85W-PAC Shipment pending

    As you can see, Apple agreed to replace the Power Supply after the cable melted and frayed, back on the 23rd of February. The new one is still pending shipment, and it is the 14th of March today! Incidentally, Applestore was able to sell and ship one the same day... Apple, this is not how I wish to perceive your customer service.
  • ColletteJane Level 1 (0 points)
    My parents bought me my macbook from america in august and it arrived 11th september, the day after my birthday.
    The magsafe has recently melted right next to where it plugs into my laptop, I noticed this on wednesday. I have also noticed my battery only seems to have about a 2hour life, would that have anything to do with the adapter or the battery itself?
    I took my adapted into my local apple shop and they said I need to email apple because it's from america and so has a different voltage. But I can't find anywhere to email them?
    Does anyone know anywhere I can email them or the best thing to do?
    Help would be very much appreciated!
    I use this for my college work and need it sorted asap as with no battery I can't do my work!
  • mac wison Level 1 (30 points)
    I had this problem a while back. It's clearly a design flaw.

    The cable is so cleverly designed with that magnet to prevent common strain issues but ironically, the cable itself is totally substandard in that the area where the cable is attached to the connector(magnetic part) is NOT REINFORCED at all it seem. So now even light strain makes it come apart.

    In other words it just comes apart because there's nothing holding it together except the thin flimsy wires themselves (no clasp or crimp or clamp)

    When I noticed mine fraying I used some vinyl tape to reinforce it and solved the problem.

    Maybe Apple should sell this tape in the stores ; )

    They could make a few bucks.

    Recall anyone?

    Also, If they know that this is a (very) dangerous situation and are in denial.....well fill in the blanks.
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