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Question: Very Upset over changes in "Music"

Very upset that my personally procured music (from CDs) is no longer available on my iphone, and that I cannot put these tracks on my iPhone from my computer.

Also, Apple Music has erroneously replaced numerous tracks, for example MOST of the songs from my Metallica Live **** Binge and Purge Albums, with their studio recordings.

Apple has destroyed my music library and made my iphone useless. I bought a high capacity iphone to have my library with me at all times, not to be forced to re-download 1 track at a time using the music App. Also, songs that are not in "Apple Music" are no longer available for me to play.

THIS ABSOLUTELY *****, and if I am not told how to fix it, apple will lose me as a customer FOREVER!

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Mar 15, 2018 9:06 AM in response to hsk_ripper In response to hsk_ripper

Same thing has happened to me, after my Apple Music subscription was terminated ( due to end in April anyway).

I'd moved broadband provider from EE to BT so was expecting AM to cease but not have my personal downloaded stuff to disappear from 3 devices, iphone se, ipad, and Apple TV.

My music is on my Mac mini but when I started to transfer stuff back to my phone it was extremely cumbersome to do. I haven't bothered trying on my ipad and I've no idea where to start with my Apple TV.

How all my music got on to my (recently bought) Apple TV I have no idea, but I had enjoyed having it there.

I got on to 'Help' chat today but the staff member was not clued up technicaly and in the middle of the session contact was lost.

Not impressed Apple!

Mar 15, 2018 9:06 AM

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Question: Very Upset over changes in "Music"