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Question: Apple watch alter notifications on phone

Hi Guys

I just got an apple watch series 3 and the last thing i would expect is that buying a device would fundamentally alter the way in which another device works without giving me the option to turn it off.

The problem is with notifications on the iPhone whilst wearing the apple watch. If im wearing the apple watch my phone no longer makes any notification tones or the screen doesn't light up for anything except a phone call unless i'm using the phone at the time.

Why would this be? I have a silent switch on my phone which i will turn on if i want my phone to be silent. I have do not disturb i can activate, Why should buying something new make the phone stop working how its worked for years ... without any kind of way to set it back !!

The haptics on the watch are good but not great, even if on prominent so many notifications get missed throughout the day.

I can turn off the 'on wrist detection' and then the phone works like normal again but then the watch doesn't lock when i remove it or even worse lose it, it also means i have to enter a passcode every time i want to use apple pay.

I bought an apple watch for the health features which are great ... but its meant to be an extension of my iPhone, not something that stops my most used and expensive device working how i expect it to, how it should do. For example, on my iPhone all my sounds are set to max, my notification volume is up, all the sounds are set to the ones i want, the silent toggle is off, but no sounds comes out of the phone, the screen doesn’t light up, its very unintuitive and not something i would expect from apple.

Just my thoughts

Apple Watch Series 3

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Mar 16, 2018 7:17 AM in response to pbick In response to pbick

Hi there,

The point of the Watch is to allow users to glance quickly at notifications rather than having to look at your phone, then if you want to look at the notification further, then you can look at your iPhone.

You are more likely to leave your phone on the side somewhere, but you will always wear your Watch. The idea is that the Watch provides you with all your notifications as you always have it on you.

Just my opinion.


Mar 16, 2018 7:17 AM

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Question: Apple watch alter notifications on phone