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Question: iPad pen

hi everyone,

I’m new to the community and have my first question. I own an IPad 2 (the new one) and love sketching drawings and writing notes (like paper on pen). To keep better track of both id think it be awesome if I could do both on my iPad. Already have the perfect app for drawing (Sketckbook). I ordered a pen from Amazone but turned out I can’t use it cause of my tampered glas. Id like keep the glas on my iPad to protect the screen from scratching but also could use a compatible pen. Apple pencile doesn’t work on IPad 2 any way so if anyone knows anything I can use the help. love to hear what you got.

Thanks in advance appreciate every help I can get


iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 11.2.6

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Mar 16, 2018 6:59 PM in response to Michael Black In response to Michael Black

a flexible screen protector may work. I have one on my mini and styli work fine. I have a zagg screen protector, which is flexible plastic, not glass.

So while tempered may not work, other screen protectors may.

Mar 16, 2018 6:59 PM

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Mar 16, 2018 7:35 PM in response to MxMalsoMax In response to MxMalsoMax

You are going to find that most screen protectors interfere with stylus interaction with the iPad screen, even third party smart Bluetooth stylus that allow for palm rejection may not work as well as they should with an added barrier on the iPad’s screen.

For a quality and well designed and thought out stylus for your iPad AIR 2,

I use an Adonit Pixel stylus with my iPad and I think it works fantastic with all of the compatible apps!

It’s the ONLY third party, smart Bluetooth stylus that I can, honestly, recommend that actually works well with all of the compatible iPad models.


The Bluetooth connection is stable and its Bluetooth pressure sensing technology is very smooth, natural feeling and has consistent line drawing ability.

Plus it's a quality made, aluminum stylus with two programmable buttons.

I have been using this stylus for over two years and it is really good on my iPad.

This stylus still has been working wonderfully for me for all of this time.

The Adonit Pixel is works with many iPad/iPhone models.

Has shortcut buttons.

Has a nice fine, textured pen tip AND a nice rubber grip.

Magnetically charges, has an auto 15 minute shutdown feature, charges in a hour.

I find it only lasts for about 12-14 hours, but Adonit claims up to 15-16 hours of continuous use on a charge cycle.

Made of very high quality aluminum materials.

Has an auto shutoff feature to preserve battery life.

Works with about a dozen of the major/popular drawing/sketching/painting apps (the Pixel/Pixel Pro works with, but currently not “officially” supported with Procreate, but it still works and works pretty well in Procreate ), and about a half dozen of the popular note taking apps, a half dozen writing apps and about a half dozen PDF style/compatible apps.

Here’s my (incomplete) list of Adonit Pixel compatible apps for the iPad.

Animation Desk


AutoDesk SketchBook


Colored Pencils



Interactive SketchBook


Medibang Paint

Tayasui Sketches/Sketches Pro


Pixelmator (used to support Adonit, I have an older version that did, not sure about their latest version)


Notes Shelf

Notes Plus

Notes Writer

QuickNotes X Pro

Zoom Notes

PDF Expert

Foxit PDF

You will need to setup the Adonit pen settings for each app in this list, but once the initial setup is fine tuned and complete, the app should remember the correct settings.

If interested, to make sure you get the latest installed firmware, order one of these directly from the Adonit website.

Good Luck to You!

Mar 16, 2018 7:35 PM

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Question: iPad pen