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Question: Outlook draft disappeared... ended up in computer trash??

Hello - My manager has had the following scenario happen twice, on Apple devices only. We have a PC in the office and this has never happened on the PC so I am thinking it must be a Mac setting. Please HELPPPP!!!

My boss was writing a draft in Outlook when it suddenly disappeared. While I know emails do not normally vanish in to thin air, he says he did NOT close out of it. He merely toggled to another screen and then it was nowhere to be found. Even if he is mistaking, and he actually DID close out of the draft accidentally, I have his Outlook settings configured so that his drafts are auto-saved after 1 min so that if he ever accidentally closes them, it prompts him "Do you want to save this draft? Yes or No" and he will realize what he did because he can't move on without selecting "Yes or No".

Regardless of whether he closed it out, moved it to one of his hundreds of Outlook folders accidentally, accidentally hit SEND… or WHATEVER it was that caused it to disappear, I thought for sure that if I was going to find ANYWHERE, it would be in Outlook. So I searched in his deleted items, drafts, outbox, sent items, archive, junk, and his clutter folder but found nothing. Then I searched his inbox and every other folder he has, again found NOTHING. Finally I ran an advanced search of deleted items that are no longer in the deleted items folder, and couldn’t find it there either. I also checked to see if I would find it by searching on Outlook’s web server, but no luck, and also check to see if he had any Outlook rules in place that could POSSIBLY have caused this to happen but he does not.

He called me shortly after I told him I had no luck finding it, and said he found the draft in his COMPUTER’S trash. To my knowledge, he would have had to drag and drop the email from outlook to the computer trash in order for that to happen, and he definitely did not.

Can anyone tell me why/how an Outlook draft (even if it was deleted) would end up in the computer trash???

Outlook 2010

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Question: Outlook draft disappeared... ended up in computer trash??