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Question: None of my google apps aren't working on WiFi

I have this issue for a while now, most of the time any videos that I load in the YouTube app on my iPhone 7 does not work, it always keeps saying 'No connection'/'Offline' same with google drive and other google apps. This always happens when my iPhone is connected to my home Wi-Fi but works well on my mobile data connection and other Wi-Fi zones, but other devices that I own that's connected to my home Wi-Fi such as my bro's android device works fine.

It works fine in Safari but not on apps and all the apps are up to date.

I've even done a reset network settings, initially an hour it worked and later same old issue.

I've even tried reinstalling the apps, doesn't do a thing. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with my Wi-Fi, internet browsing still does work even when YouTube doesn't.

How do I fix this?

iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: None of my google apps aren't working on WiFi