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How to upgrade to macOS Mojave

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Question: how can i update 10.7.5 to 10.8.5 on a samsung Evo 850 ?

i recently upgrade my Mac book pro 15inch mid 2012 to an samsung evo 850 ssd. now when i am trying to update 10.7.5 to 10.8.5 it says its already up to date. because of this problem i can not get the new high sierra new Mac os version !

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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Mar 15, 2018 10:13 PM in response to wifi_gang In response to wifi_gang

You don't update, you upgrade.

Software update, upgrade--what's the difference? - [No longer directs to a document discussing this but basically an upgrade is a major system release such as replacing OS 10.4 with 10.5, and an update is a minor release for a particular system, such as taking 10.4.8 to 10.4.11. Software Update will check for updates but not necessarily for upgrades, particularly if a newer system will not run on an older piece of hardware.]

Upgrades require a major download of the appropriate installer from the Mac App Store (if you want 10.8 you have to pay for it). I don't know if you have to install any intermediate OSX versions. Lion to High Sierra would be a very large jump so make sure all your other software can handle it. You may find a lot of old things break. You may need to go to El Capitan first, but I don't really know. You may wish to.

If your Mac is not Compatible with Sierra but you Have Not Upgraded to El Capitan -

Mar 15, 2018 10:13 PM

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Question: how can i update 10.7.5 to 10.8.5 on a samsung Evo 850 ?