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Question: How to turn on DND and still receive alerts

I like the Do Not Disturb(DND) feature if it wasn’t so typical on just push a button. Apple is above that typical stuff there is usually multiple ways of doing things. In this day & age Everyone is trying to block telemarketing calls, same for me. A good way is; I turn on DND except for Contacts, it works great for phone calls but I don’t know how to still get alerts (text, reminders, app alerts) while in DND except for contacts and selected apps. I’ve already mark the specific apps I want to receive notifications with sound but the phone seems to be in silence no matter what.

I can Just turn volume off if I don’t want any ring or alerts. Why is it I can not set DND on and still receive alerts in text from allowed contacts and marked apps? Or how do I do it if it’s possible?

iOS 11.2.6, 7 Plus, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4th Gen

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Question: How to turn on DND and still receive alerts