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Question: Chromecast dongle black version 2016-17

The latest version of Airport extreme disables tunneling. My version is 7.7.9. This does not let Chromecast work as it fails during configuration and says: Connected to WIFI but cannot access the internet.

To fix this I am re-posting an answer from a previous thread that worked for me.

1. I set my Airport Extreme to a fixed IP rather than DHCP. It reboots for this.

2. Then I go to the advanced tab on the Airport Extreme and select IPV6 and then change IPV6 mode to: tunnel

and take the defaults with that. Then select : done. This will re-boot the Airport Extreme again. However my iphone then looses it's connection to the Airport Extreme and I had to re-boot my Iphone(8 plus). After that the iphone can again see the Airport Extreme.

3. I reset the Chromecast dongle with the little button and it now sets up and sees the internet.

4. I am not big on conspiracy theories, however I find it interesting that this latest version of firmware "accidentally" stops Chromecast dongle from working whereas privous version working ok. Just saying?

Hope this helps for all other Apple fans.

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Question: Chromecast dongle black version 2016-17