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Question: calendar invitations not sent since use of iCloud

When I invite people in Calendar to joint an event, no invitation is sent or received. I got no error messages.

The other colleagues that made the transition to icloud calendars in High Sierra have the same problem and between us no invites are sent either. The El Capitan users do not encounter these obstacles.

Sending an invite for sharing a calendar with other icloud-members did not work either, though I can participate in my private calendar I share from home.

This happened since upgrading tot High Sierra last month and moving the calendars tot iCloud. The upgrade of my home iMac did not present these complications in Calendar, although my home iMac dates from 2010, and is the oldest (vintage?) of the bunch.

I tried:

leaving locations out, as I read somewhere in posts dating a while ago,

putting advanced settings for the work Calendar to e-mail invites (that I in fact do receive inviting from my home apple ID).

The e-mail addresses used for the apple-ID are company based, while my private one is from my ISP. None are from google, apple, icloud,...

I did make an extra (…)@icloud.com address for safety reasons for my personal apple ID, maybe this has an influence?

As the "ICT-manager" of our office I have no other person to turn to, so I go external here.

iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Question: calendar invitations not sent since use of iCloud