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Question: recover photos


I have had an Iphone 5C since its release and 1 week ago i dropped on the bathroom floor. The screen cracked, with pieces of the screen coming off (near the front camera). Even though the screen is completely dead, the phone still worked because there were noises when i got notifications. I've just bought an Iphone 8 and set it up by recovering the last backup I had on the 5C. It loaded all my applications, contacts and settings except my photos. Can somebody tell how I can hijack my 5C phone to download the photos on the computer? Even though I had previously connected the 5C to my computer, it always asked me if i trust the device. Since I can't press trust on the phone I cannot open the photos on the computer. The last version of the operating system on the 5C was iOS 10.3.3, if that helps.

For about a year and a half the 5C said it could not do the backup, even though the backup I just loaded on the Iphone 8 contains contacts added right before I broke the 5C.

Thank you

iPhone 5c, iOS 10.3.3

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Question: recover photos