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Question: can't sync new songs

My iPod touch has always worked perfectly until last week, when I became unable to sync new songs to it.

I have seen other people with the same issue - but the fixes don't work for me. Songs I am trying to sync to the iPod appear greyed out with the download progress circle to the left of them in a dotted circle.

The nearest I have got to success is to reset the iPod to factory settings and then do a sync at which point it works perfectly (everything syncs fine even the new things there were not syncing). The problem is that this fix only works once, if I try to sync something new I have bought (eg. bought a CD ripped it to i tunes fine, it plays in i tunes perfectly) it doesn't copy (if I watch the progress bar/description) during sync it goes through all the stages apart from the bit were you see it copying tracks over. Then the new tracks appear greyed out.

If I reset the iPod then of course it then syns fince (once?!?!?!) anyone have any ideas? I don't want to have to reset my iPod every time I buy some new music.


iPod touch, iOS 9.3.5

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Question: can't sync new songs