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Question: Blurry Picture 4k in 1080p timeline

Ive shot a video in 4k, and using it FCXP... it looks blurry when used in a 1080p timeline... I have playback set to Optimized/best quality... The footage is shot on a Sony A7rii... ive imported the footage , but not optimised ...? Its weird, when I play it back in a 4k timeline its amazing sharp....when I drop it into a 1080p, it looks slightly blurry. When I stop playback it it goes sharp for a split second and then back to blurry ( blurry as in a little blurred) .. I know there are problems when you have it set to better performance, but this is when set to optimal performance.... its weird how it goes sharp for a split second then back to this slight blur.... its bugging me...as I though the 4k footage would look as good..?

Any thoughts much appriected.?

Imac 4gig graphic card.?

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Mar 16, 2018 4:06 PM in response to Tom Wolsky In response to Tom Wolsky

Thanks Tom.

I did that and it stopped the momentary Sharp to Blur.... I also created Optimised files and that stopped the quick sharp to Blur... its constant... Im still a little shocked at the quality of 4k in a 1080 timeline though, in my iMac.. Im sure teh 4k footage is taking a quality hit....as actually 1080 footage looks better on the time line.?

Mar 16, 2018 4:06 PM

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Question: Blurry Picture 4k in 1080p timeline