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Question: Remote login with Pace 5268AC

I have AT&T internet with a Pace 5268AC modem. The modem does not have a straight forward bridge mode but it can be fooled into functioning as a bridge. I have 4 Airport Extreme routers behind the 5268AC all set to bridge mode (same LAN) with the 5268AC wifi turned off. I want to control a business computer (iMac) in the house from my laptop when I am out of town. The computer I want to connect to remotely is ethernet wired to a Time Capsule which is in turn connected by ethernet to the 5268AC. I have followed numerous instructions online to get this working but to no avail. I believe I need to have the 5268AC in faux bridge mode and the Time Capsule in DHCP and NAT mode with the ports set properly. From what I can tell the ports should be those for vnc and afp but I could be wrong. Anyway, I set this up with the faux passthrough and Time Capsule in DHCP and NAT but still no go. Any suggestions?

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Question: Remote login with Pace 5268AC