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Question: how do i get rid off pop up mac keeper

how do i get rid off pop up mac keeper

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Mar 16, 2018 7:17 PM in response to yola68 In response to yola68

You can use Malware bytes anti malware for Mac that is very easy and will remove mackeeper or see this method .

How to delete Mac keeper malware manually .

Enter in System Library - Click on finder and take cursor on top menu bar , click on Go > computer > Macintosh HD

( a ) Applications - Mac keeper app

Click on library .

( b ) Launch Daemons



( c ) PrivilegedHelperTools



Enter in User Library - click on finder > Go > hold option key > Library , these are the locations where malware hide .

( a ) Application Support

Folder - com.mackeeper.AdwareAnalyzer

Folder - com.mackeeper.MacKeeper

Folder - com.mackeeper.Mackeeper.Mackeeper.Helper

Folder - Mackeeper - and its subfolder - statistic 2

Folder - Mackeeper 3 - and its subfolder - NE notifications

( b ) Launch Agents

Folder - com.mackeeper.AdwareAnalyzer.plist

Folder - com.mackeeper.Mackeeper.Helper.plist

( c ) Logs - Mackeeper.log


( d ) Preferences




( e ) Saved Application state


( f ) Caches

Folder - com.mackeeper.AdwareAnalyzer.plist

Folder - com.mackeeper.Mackeeper.Helper.plist

Folder - com.mackeeper.Mackeeper

These folders / subfolders and related .plist are dragged and dropped to the trash .

Also if the app is in download folder it is moved to the trash .

Restart the Mac from apple logo and empty the trash .

Mar 16, 2018 7:17 PM

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Question: how do i get rid off pop up mac keeper