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Question: Missing music on apple TV solved (for me)

OK so when i set up my new 4k apple tv i noticed a lot of music missing. I used my iPad to do the initial setup.

When i linked my apple TV to my PC all those missing songs/albums appeared, so it was when i linked to the cloud that i appeared to loose a lot of music.

So long story short, all the missing music on my apple TV matched what was missing on my iPad. when i tried to download missing music.... i could not find it. So what i had to do was go onto my PC, start iTunes. from the task bar go to, Accounts/View My Account/ Sign In. Once signed in, under iTunes in The Cloud Click on Manage Hidden Purchases.

Why all this music was hidden beats me.

So as i started downloading music onto the iPad it appeared on the Apple TV, so it appear that if you use a apple device to do the initial setup than this is where it gets it library content from.

Apple TV 4K, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: Missing music on apple TV solved (for me)