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Question: macOS to iOS photo doesnt sync


I am asking for support since not all of my photos sync from my macbook to iPad Pro.

Hardware: macbook pro 2015 High Sierra 10.13.3 and an iPad Pro 2nd Gen with it's latest software.

iCloud Photo Library is enabled on my macbook and iPhone but disabled on my iPad.

Example : I sync ALL Photos incl. videos via iTunes on my macbook while my iPad is connected via USB.

After synchronization I compare the folders on my Ipad and at the bottom I find folders which I can't delete or modify. These must be the folders imported from my macbook and it's photo library. But f.e. the selfies folder has a different number than the selfies folder on my macbook. Same with Portrait photos etc.

What should I do?

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Question: macOS to iOS photo doesnt sync