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Question: How do you lock the touch screen with an app still running?

I just thought of a way to do this. For example i want to watch youtube (with the display on and playing) and lock the touch screen (to avoid any disturbances). Well all apple needs to do is provide more options when you hold the lock button, such as when powering the device off. So you can hold the power button pretty much with any app, but for example on youtube when watching a livestream the stream will pause. So my idea would be to avoid this and allow the power button to be held and provide options such as "powering down" and "lock/unlock the touch screen", while still allowing the app in the background to run normally because if you lock the touch screen then you cant refresh the stream or move the time forward to where its live and not on a delay. And there could even be more options added to the power button besides these two options (i cant think of any in particular but im sure someone can). If for some reason when holding the power button and having the pop up has to freeze anything running in the background, it could be bypassed by separating power down from the other options so when you touch power down it would then take you to the slider to power down (which would freeze the background app running like normal, if its necessary to freeze the background). Or after sliding the power down button, it would be slightly delayed from normal powering down, so say you slide power down first then the background would freeze and you would get a loading symbol and then it would power down. I would see this only adding a couple or few seconds to power the device down. But i still prefer my other option, separating power down from the other options so you would touch "power down" option then it would take you to the normal power down slider which you would have to slide to power down like normal or can go back to the other options such as "lock/unlock screen touch". And obviously if screen touch is locked you would still be able to touch these power button options, with a "cancel" button at the bottom still which you would then click to return to the app your wanting to use with a locked touch screen.

iPhone 8, iOS 11.2.6, null

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Question: How do you lock the touch screen with an app still running?