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Question: Disabling your IPhone and How to fix it.

If you’re reading this, you’ve disabled your iPhone and the world has ended (I know the feeling) Don’t worry as I’ve just had to go 74 hours with my phone disabled till now. (Please note this is a guide for if Plugging your iPhone into iTunes and recovery mode doesn’t work) My problem was after it installed the new Software onto iTunes it wasn’t extracting. It would fail after painstakingly waiting ages for it to extract. So I thought that was it, no more iPhone. So I traveled to the apple store in Leicester (30 miles from where I live) for help. As the apple website was absolutely useless as most of you will find being no live chat, and the diagnostic being useless. Not to mention their useless automated support number (It asked me for my serial number even though my phone was blocked. Also I couldn’t access my iTunes account as it needed a code which was sent to my phone which was blocked, as most of you will be facing right now) so I went into the store with maybe 6 apple “geniuses” (LOL) standing around doing nothing. But I was told it was really busy and I couldn’t be seen too. But I was told to try restoring my phone using the DFU Mode restore method. I won’t explain in detail here but you can google it. But DFU mode is really the last option on the table for your iPhone. Note It will wipe your phone. Make sure you update your iTunes, and you remember your Apple ID details. I hope this helps anyone as I’ve stressed for 3 days. With my provider being useless, apple being useless. Money wasted on travel. Good luck :)

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Question: Disabling your IPhone and How to fix it.