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Question: How to use Apple HomeKit in Multiples Languages

Hi there, my HomeKit setup is mainly based on Philips Hue lights + some plugs and some switches.

Everything was run smooth and easy 'till I fall in love with my new Girl Friend. I'm Italian she is Israeli so when we come to live with me I already set up my home kit appliances in Italian.
She use Siri in Hebrew so no way that Siri could recognise the names in Italian.

Gearing up my brain to find the solution I come up with the idea of using HOMEKIT ZONES.

Unfortunately Apple's Home app doesn't support the editing of ZONES even if ZONES are part of the HomeKit features. So I had to down load an other app to edit the ZONES in HomeKit.

I chose : Home – Smart Home Automation on the App Store

In HOME ( the is called Home as the Apple one but is come from an other developer ) you can create ZONES which can include one or more rooms in a single ZONE.

So I created a ZONE for each ROOM and I've named them in Hebrew.

Now my Girl Friend can ask Siri to turn on the סטודיו or set the colour of the בית to blue and so on.

Not really the perfect solution, I wish that Apple could support this nativity but at least it's working for us.

I hope this post can help other users.

Kind Regards


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Question: How to use Apple HomeKit in Multiples Languages