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Question: WYSIWYG Table Editor for Product Attributes in Blogger?

I am hosting my site on Blogger using a custom XHTML template, but redirecting to my own .com domain.

Each post will include images and supporting notes about various types of collectibles and antiques.

I need a way to easy construct these notes and save them on my Mac so they can later be added to posts. I don't want to author them using Blogger's editor and I want a backup on Mac.

Since items in the same categories share the same attribute titles I want to construct a series of templates which already have the attribute titles completed. For example, all books would have attributes such as title, author, pages, copyright, edition, and so forth.

A easy way to display these attributes would be to use a simple two column table with the first column representing the title of each attribute and and second column representing the value of that attribute to be typed in. Each item would have special notes which span two columns and do not have a attribute title.

Height 76mm
Length 145mm
Width 87mm
Base Height 36.5mm
Base O.D. 78mm x 45mm
Logo 14mm X 16mm
Weight 110g

I have tried various editors for tables such TextEdit, Numbers, Dreamweaver, Kompozer, and dozen others and they frankly are bad at tables. They are too slow. They save in a unsuitable format. They cause formatting issues when pasted into Blogger's editor. HTML table code pasted from Dreamweaver will not even show up in the Compose mode of Blogger's editor - it only shows in the HTML mode and on the published, which makes it difficult to work with images.

Mac Pro, macOS Sierra (10.12.5)

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Question: WYSIWYG Table Editor for Product Attributes in Blogger?