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Question: Macbook Air display bug

I have a Macbook Air, which I ever use carefully since i bought it in 2016. No fallings , no impacts etc. Three weeks ago, suddenly, my display presented a bug,( see the foto attached). I bring my Macbook to an Apple Authorized Support, who said that was necessary exchange the display for a new one. Here in Brasil, it display is very expensive, about US$800,00. I did not agree with exchanging, off course. So, I got my Macbook back. One day after, the display back to work normally!! I think it's a serious problem and I believe it could be a recall case. I need to report this case to Apple Support, but i can,t find any way to send an email for him. Anyone knows how to do it? It's important! The serial number of my Mac is C1*****3QF. Thanks a lot!!!User uploaded file

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MacBook Air, OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)

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Question: Macbook Air display bug