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Question: AirPods Warranty

If I buy AirPods from someone, am I still able to use the warranty that was in effect or do I need proof of purchase if I want to repair them?

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Mar 18, 2018 1:13 PM in response to AP13241 In response to AP13241

Hey AP13241,

Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. I can see you have questions regarding the warranty status of a set of AirPods if you're not the original owner. This is a great question, and I'd be happy to help provide the most appropriate information to address this. The good news is, the warranty for these AirPods would be associated exclusively with the AirPods as long as they're within warranty. To confirm the remaining warranty status, you can simply enter the device's serial number in the following link: https://checkcoverage.apple.com/

You'll also want to be sure that the AirPods are no longer linked to the previous owner’s account. Check the resource below to learn more. Although these details do not mention the AirPods specifically, some of the same rules would apply.

Find My iPhone Activation Lock

Check for Activation Lock before you buy a device from someone else

Before you buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch from someone other than Apple or an authorized Apple reseller, make sure that the device is erased and no longer linked to the previous owner’s account. Ask the seller whether or not they've turned off Activation Lock, then follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the device and slide to unlock.
  2. If the passcode lock screen or the Home screen appears, the device hasn't been erased. Ask the seller to completely erase the device by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Don't take ownership of any used iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch until it's been erased.
  3. Begin the device setup process.
  4. If you're asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password, the device is still linked to their account. Hand the device back to the seller and ask them to enter their password. If the previous owner isn't present, they can remove the device from their account by signing in to icloud.com/find. Don't take ownership of any used iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch until it has been removed from the previous owner’s account.

You will know that a device is ready for you to use when you're asked to "Set up your iPhone," “Set up your iPad," or “Set up your iPod” the first time you turn it on.

If you buy a device that's still linked to a previous owner's account, contact them as soon as possible and ask them to erase the device and remove it from their account. Learn how to remove a device from a previous owner's account.

Take care.

Mar 18, 2018 1:13 PM

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Question: AirPods Warranty