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Question: File sequence writing to USB drive

I write my own recorded piano music to a USB drive, say for example 350 mp3 files, and listen to it on my hi-fi by selection of track number. I soon found the necessity of deleting hidden files in order to do this, otherwise the track numbers are incorrectly read by the hi-fi, that part I understand. Not infrequently I record a new track, but I cannot simply add the new file to the existing ones on the USB drive without disturbing the track number sequence, even if I delete hidden files again after adding file 351. I have to delete the entire USB drive, recopy the whole 351 files and delete hidden files again in order to preserve the file numbering sequence for the hi-fi. It isn't a major inconvenience, I am just curious why this should be so, why one file cannot be added without disturbing the numbering sequence.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Question: File sequence writing to USB drive