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Question: Workflow for Photos Missing

I created a Automator Workflow that extracted GPS coordinates from a selected photo in Photos. The Workflow file was saved in Users/username/Library/Services folder. I was able to create a Keyboard Shortcut with Preferences and the Workflow showed up in the File Menu under Services in Photos. The actual Workflow was lsited in the Keyboard Services listing in Preferences under General.

I was able to use this Service several hours and then it disappeared and the keyboard shortcut no longer ran the workflow. Looking at Preferences it no longer showed as a General service. It was showing as a Text Workflow. Resetting the Keyboard Shortcut would not allow the Workflow to run and it would not show up in Service Menu of Photos. I am still able to run the Workflow through Automator (outside of Photo) and it returns GPS coordinates.

How can I get this Workflow to show up in the Photos Service Menu?

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Question: Workflow for Photos Missing