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Please tell me how to put iTunes Movies or T.V shows onto a DVD and watch it on your T.V.? Do i have to have some sort of software for my T.V that will allow me to?

-Thanks in advance!

Dell, Windows XP, iTunes 7.02 for Windows
  • Charlie Pizer Level 2 (435 points)
    The digital rights management used by DVDs has been compromised for a long time, so Apple will not allow people to burn videos from the iTunes store to DVDs that will play in a DVD player. Instead, they are releasing Apple TV to allow you to play your iTunes TV shows and movies on your flat-screen TV. More info is here.
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    As the previous response said, you can't burn your iTunes movie to a DVD. The Apple TV will be a great option but you have others as well.

    The easiest option is to use the iPod Video which can connect directly to a TV's RCA jacks for video output. If you have an iPod Video then you simply need to buy a cable and you are ready to go--easy and portable. This is great for hotel rooms!

    Another option, depending on your computer's and TV's input/output jacks, is to connect your computer directly to your TV. I have an inexpensive Windows XP mini-tower equiped with a cheap dual monitor video card that allows me to output composite-video, s-video, VGA and DVI. Some cards also support component video.

    If this sounds to complicated, and you have a widescreen TV with component video inputs, then I would wait for the Apple TV. http://www.apple.com/appletv/