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I started to re-charge my ipod and something came up on my computer screen saying there was a corrupt file from iTunes and wouldn't recharge. Then i checked my ipod and noticed all of my songs were gone. But on my iTunes, it still says all of the space on my ipod is still being filled up, but instead of audio, it says its being filled up by other. Can i get my songs back? What the ****?!?!

Windows XP
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    but is there a way i can get back my songs? I received the corrupt file message just that one time and now it seems to be charged. and it still says the space on my ipod is filled with up but i cant get to the songs.
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    First of all try this method which works on some Windows PCs.

    Open iTunes and select edit/preferences/advanced/general. Put a check mark in the box marked "copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library" and also "keep iTunes music folder organized", then click 'ok'.

    Connect the iPod whilst holding down the shift/ctrl keys to prevent any auto sync, and if you see the dialogue window asking if you want to sync to this itunes library, click 'no'.

    Then go to file/add folder, open 'my computer', select your iPod and click 'ok'.

    The music files should transfer to your iTunes.

    If this doesn't work (and it may not because officially it's not supposed to), check out the instructions/suggestions here.

    Music from iPod to computer (using option 2). This a manual method using "hidden folders" and although it works, it can be messy.

    Much easier ways are to use one of the many 3rd party programs that copy music from the iPod to the computer.

    One of the most recommended is Yamipod. This is a free program that transfers music and playlists etc from iPod back to the computer. However, it does not transfer playcounts/ratings etc.

    Another free program is Pod Player.

    There is also CopyPod. This does preserve ratings/playcounts etc if those are important to you but this program is not free. It also supports video transfer.

    If you are using iTunes version 7 or later, then you can transfer purchased iTunes store music from the iPod to an authorized computer by using the "file/transfer purchases from iPod" menu. Note that the maximum of 5 authorized computers applies here.

    This is why you should always have a back up of your songs in your iTunes library, or some other place. The iPod is simply not reliable enough to store the only copy of your music.
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    thank you for your help