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Question: itunes windows 10 movies PC stutter / freeze PC

I've been trying to watch my movies since about a month now. As I click to play any movie or trailer, my mouse starts to stutter and the entire PC slows to a crawl without much CPU or GPU usage, both around 5-6%. I have to End-Task (very slow process due to the stutter) to regain proper usage/control of my PC.

I have tried everything from software clean re-installation to new windows on new disk and even install it before any other software on the brand new windows installation post windows updates. I've tried installing QuickTime and playing with the D3D/DirectX options, tried running only graphics Safe Mode GDI, one screen, 3 screens, low res, high res ... I just can't figure out my the PC mouse and windows refresh/display starts stuttering. This is the 2nd PC i have this issue with and both have been updated to every single possible latest updates, windows, software and display drivers.

PC setup is Asus X99-Deluxe 64GB RAM with Intel 6-Core 5930X with dual graphics cards nvidia Aorus 1080Ti Xtreme. Monitors are 3xApple Cinema HD 30-inch Monitors. This is plenty for anything I throw at it, usually.

This issue started after one of the early iTunes updates 12.7+. Never been able to watch a movie since.

Has anyone experienced the same, and has anyone found the culprit or a solution to the issue.

I have trouble believing that i'm the only one that has this issue every time I install iTunes and try to watch a movie.

I have over 250 movies I've purchased over the years and I can't watch any of them on my PC's, what a shame.

RANT: Can't believe that with all the great products apple has built that they can't make itunes work properly on PC, which is the only way to consume the content you buy on PC.

Thanks to all in advance for the help.

null-OTHER, Windows 10, Version 1709 OS build 16299.371

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Question: itunes windows 10 movies PC stutter / freeze PC