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Question: Transcend usb 3 card reader!

I have a new, just out of the box, 27inch iMac.

When I connect my usb card reader it does not light up or show anywhere on the Mac when plugged into any of the Mac's USB ports.

I have however kept my old Mac's usb wired keyboard, when I connect that to my Mac and then connect the card reader to one of the built in USB ports on the wired keyboard, the card reader lights up and displays on the screen.

This proves to me that the card reader functions.

I know the USB ports work on my new Mac as I have other products plugged into them.

I could of course keep plugging my old wired key board into my new Mac when I use the card reader but that seems self defeating!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13.4), Ipad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPod 160gb

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Apr 27, 2018 3:18 AM in response to Eric Root In response to Eric Root

Good morning Eric

You may find this of interest and it may also apply to other USB products that I know some people are having trouble with: I took the card reader into my local Apple store this morning and one of the guys took up my problem and found this out:

A. When the the card reader is connected to a USB port on a 2017/18 model Mac Desktop running High Sierra 10.13.4 the card reader does not mount to the desktop.

B. When the card reader is connected to a current model Apple laptop running High Sierra via USB the card reader mounts on the desktop correctly.

C. A USB C to USB adaptor was then connected to the card reader and then the USB C was connected to the Mac desktop and the card reader mounted correctly on the desktop.........RESULT!

The Apple Store chap that took up my problem was somewhat bemused by the events he witnessed and I feel a little vindicated when blame was pointed to the card reader.

This was done after a call to Apple Care who tried the usual reset SMC/NVPRAM start in recovery mode. None of these worked fully. I then had contact from Apple Tech who tried the same things to no avail.

I know that this problem does not effect all USB products as I have a 2TB WD HDD connected via USB for TM backup. Also a printer and a caddy containing a SSD which all work perfectly with the rear USB ports.

Hopefully this information may help someone else who is struggling with USB problems on the iMac. I'm sure and I hope that the next (?) software update from Apple could resolve this matter.


Apr 27, 2018 3:18 AM

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Question: Transcend usb 3 card reader!