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Question: How do I turn off annoying messages about an iCloud upgrade on my iPhone

I have recently updated my iPhone 5s to the latest iOS 11.3 update.

The space on my phone is limited, in general, and I have been managing my own backups and

auto stream my photos to other storage for a few years already.

I therefore have no need of upgrading my iCloud storage but have a perpetual message saying that

"iPhone Storage is Almost Full". When I click on it, it is an offer to upgrade my iCloud storage.

No matter how many times I click "Not Now", the message *immediately* comes right back.

In previous iOS versions this type of offer would come up only at a certain threshold of available space and it wasn't nearly as aggressively persistent and I could say that I didn't want to take up the offer and it would only return on a reboot or update.

Now I have over 1.5GB space free and I cannot dismiss this message at all.

I do not want to get into the habit of ignoring the notification counts etc on my settings because I assume it is now irrelevant and so I would prefer to be able to dismiss the message for a time and ideally only pop up at a threshold I can choose.

Is there a way to dismiss and or customise this?

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.3, 16GB

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Apr 20, 2018 12:35 PM in response to Winston Churchill In response to Winston Churchill

I just checked, I can't find a trash folder in the new 'files' app

The activity on the recent shows 1 file this month and the rest is December 2017 and older.

I moved some videos there whilst traveling but otherwise don't usually use it except for pages and numbers.

I can't recall a time it went to zero in the past few years.

I usually backup with iTunes to my computer and then it synchronises to my non-apple cloud servers.

My photos I put on to the computer and it gets uploaded to a photo site.

Apr 20, 2018 12:35 PM

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Question: How do I turn off annoying messages about an iCloud upgrade on my iPhone