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Question: New iPad Disabled

Now I have searched the internet and clearly I am the only person on the planet that this has happened to. Hence my post on here in the hope a Vulcan might be reading this.

So I brought a brand new iPad about a month ago and in a similar fashion to all of my many other Apple products, I set it up in iTunes. The iPad appeared to work fine.

The following day, my kids got hold of the iPad and repeatedly entered an incorrect password. Certainly not the first time they have done this. But instead of locking me out for a day or so, I get the message "iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes". No problem I thought, I'll connect it to iTunes then.

Ah! I connect it to iTunes and I get this message;

"iTunes could not connect to the iPad “*******’s iPad” because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPad before it can be used with iTunes.

Now come on, have things got that bad at Apple, that they won't allow us to reset a stinking iPad?

I am assuming that much like the Android and Windows platforms Apple are so keen on replicating nowadays, there is some manor of contortion I can apply my various limbs to, in order to unlock my iPad.

Please could someone one a far away planet, (preferably with a similar number of limbs that humans have), please advise me on how to unlock this retched iPad.

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Question: New iPad Disabled