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Question: iphone photos downloaded to mac duplicated in icloud

I realize this is not a normal situation. Apologies if this is a little confusing. But any help would be appreciated.

Background: my regular cell phone is a company provided iphone 7. When it was issued to me it had a company apple ID specific to me. Stupid me at the time never logged into the actual phone with my personal apple ID but instead just added my apple ID to mail, apps, etc... in essence, I had two apple IDs. I recently purchased a new Mac Book Pro and wanted to transfer all photos from my iphone to it to back them up before I logged out of the company apple ID (I was worried I would lose my photos). After transferring photos directly from iphone to mac I changed my apple ID to my personal one and did not lose the photos.

The issue now is that I want all pictures to back up in the icloud and show up on my mac. But I am ending up with duplicates since I transferred the pictures directly and since they are still on my iphone they are now also being backed up from my iphone to the icloud and my mac. If I delete all the ones on my mac that copied directly will this solve the problem? Since it seems like when I imported them directly to the mac and bypassed the icloud I essentially made the duplicate then. I just get worried when the warning pops up that deleting them from mac will delete across all devices and icloud. Thoughts?

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID

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Question: iphone photos downloaded to mac duplicated in icloud