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Question: All files lost on iCloud Drive after hard drive failure

I have been using iCloud Drive for sometime now across different platforms (iOS, Mac, and PC). On my PC since my C drive is on an 256 GB SSD and my Drive allocation is 2 TB I had to create an mklink junction from iCloud folder to a separate hard drive. For some reason Apple has not realized a native way to change the file location in iCloud for Windows is desperately needed. I recently had the hard drive that was storing all the iCloud files fail on my PC. No problem, that's what cloud storage and file synchronization is for, right?? Nope. I was on my Mac when I literally saw my files disappear from iCloud. Ok, iCloud must think my missing files were purposely deleted. Poor design, but ok, that's what the "recently deleted files" on iCloud.com is for, right?? Nope. Nothing in there. Nothing in there right after it happen. Nothing in there as I'm writing this several days later. Come on Apple, how many engineers you have working on the technical design?..

Has this happened to anyone else? Were you able to get your files back?

iCloud for Windows-OTHER, Windows 10

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Question: All files lost on iCloud Drive after hard drive failure